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These Cellphone Thieves Will Kick Off The Weekend Behind Bars - SOUTH AFRICA

Cellphone Thieves Starting The Weekend Behind Bars - SOUTH AFRICA

Parkhurst, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA - 70 million smartphones are lost each year, with only 7 percent recovered. 4.3 percent of company-issued smartphones are lost or stolen every year. 80 percent of the cost of a lost laptop is from data breach. 52 percent of devices are stolen from the office/workplace, and 24 percent from conferences. Now while keeping that in mind, look at these two thieves who are so well-dressed. You will never believe that they are coming for your phone. this is their plan, to look good enough so that when they get closer to you, you won't be alarmed, you will just act normal and accordingly. This comes as these two thieves were caught in the act, doing their dirty deed. After watching a lot of videos of people getting robbed for their phones, I really have no mercy. What do thieves do with your phone once they've pinched it? They go searching for data. Some phone-criminals are mainly focused on accessing your data, as it's worth more to them than the handset itself. Armed with your personal information, identity fraud becomes a piece of cake. If someone has stolen your phone and has been able to get in to the device, they could easily rack up some hefty call, text, and data charges. Call your provider right away to suspend your service. ... Give them a call, and they may be able to deactivate the device and possibly wipe your personal information from it.

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