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Immigration policy

It will be hard for the undocumented to move into SA through Zim. Read what reportedly happened

Undocumented citizens will have a tough time crossing the border into South Africa and other adjacent countries if they do not have proper documentation.

This comes as plans were announced for Zimbabwe's National Migration, Diaspora, and Migration Policies, which will be prepared in the coming months and years. These plans, according to reports, were unveiled over the weekend by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage of the United Kingdom.

According to the ministry, Zimbabwe was host to a large number of undocumented immigrants transiting through from various countries. It was realized that rules to regulate the movement of illegal immigrants through Zimbabwe into South Africa and the rest of Africa were required as part of the efforts to halt the irregular movement of undocumented immigrants through Zimbabwe into South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, the Minister of Home Affairs of South Africa, proclaimed Zimbabwe's borders to be porous on Monday. Due to the large number of illegal immigrants that cross into South Africa on a daily basis, this was necessary to prevent further harm.

I think it's fantastic that Zimbabwe has taken note of the irregular inflows of undocumented migrants from South Africa and other neighboring nations. Several socioeconomic problems in South Africa are being exacerbated by the influx of illegal immigrants from Zimbabwe who enter the country through the country's border with Namibia.

Undocumented immigrants who manage to make their way into South Africa find themselves without employment and are forced to engage in illicit activities. They may resort to criminal activity or even prostitution in order to make ends meet at times, depending on their financial situation.

It is possible that Zimbabwe will play an important role in assisting South Africa with controlling the influx of undocumented individuals if the policy is successfully implemented.

This program will require the backing of other Southern African countries whose borders are connected to South Africa in order for it to be successful. This will aid in the restriction of the movement of illegal immigrants into South Africa, as well as the prevention of the incidence of crimes and other societal issues.

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