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So SAD: Man Stabbed His Wife To Death After Bearing 6 Children For Him, See The Reason


Around the world, a lot of things are happening, some of which are good and some of which are unpleasant. On all news outlets, the negative ones are always in the headlines.

It is no longer news that some people kill their partners for trivial reasons; there are numerous offenders all over the world, and some even get away with it because to a lack of evidence.

According to a story that was making headlines across all news outlets, a guy is accused of fatally stabbing his wife, who gave birth to his six children, over a disagreement. Ashley Lockhart, a mother of six children, was slain when her husband stabbed her eight times with a knife, according to the news report.

The two reportedly spoke in a strange language when they crossed paths with a Honda Odyssey that was parked not far from where they were. The husband was reportedly a handman who beat his wife. Currently, the individual is being detained in Philadelphia, America.

Many people have voiced their opinions on this matter; some believe the man is demonic and should be promptly put to prison, while others believe he deserves a second opportunity so he can care for his children.

I believe that a crime is a crime, and that he should be detained, brought before the court, and, if found guilty, made to pay for his acts.

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