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Here is a Place apparently operated by Thousands of Zamazamas.

It seems like the zama zamas whom the country is complaining so much about, have created their own economic industrial zones. One of the sad realities may be that South Africa has created lots of opportunities which benefits foreigners. At this moment foreign nationals have found comfort in South Africa and they are even challenging the country's policies.

While the government is sending law enforcement officers to shut down illegal mine operations, there are still unanswered questions. What will the zama zamas do after police have dismissed them? One thing is that they will get hungry and some may engage in crimes which terrorise communities worse. For a while now they have been busy bothering no one.

If it wasn't for that unfortunate rape of 8 women by the rascals, when was the issue of Zama zamas going to be addressed? The government should give the people something to keep them busy and away from the focus of poverty. The freebies are definitely failing and tempering with other services.

South Africa still has to deal with the issue of Orania but now no one is saying anything. Should there be a tragedy first until the government gives this "little state" which have its own currency attention. Zama zamas might opt to create their own unique settlements very soon to go away from communities which do not want them.

According to Yusuf Abramjee at Golden Drive area, East Rand, Thousands of Zama Zamas are operating.

At this moment zama zamas are alleged to be armed to the teeth. Allegations that there are apparently protectors on top sits of this small scale mining might be true. The gangs are reported to be armed with dangerous ammunition and last time they allegedly used it on police who were swooping on them. Those high calibre rifles like the AKs, Belgium FNs and others will move from the illegal mines into our communities.

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