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THE NATIONAL SHUTDOWN: Find out what has been happening in Gauteng and KZN

Unrest in the provinces of Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng claimed the lives of hundreds of people throughout July.

Some members of the community used the previous South African president as a scapegoat to plunder and vandalize private and public property. The turmoil was subdued for a few weeks before a circular surfaced, purporting to predict that there will be more upheaval in the future.

a robbery that occurred a few weeks ago

People in the neighborhood had learnt from the mistakes they'd made during the last upheaval. Most of the country, including Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal, is going about its business as normal.

In large numbers, law enforcement agencies are patrolling the streets, ready to apprehend anyone intent on causing trouble.

People in KwaZulu Natal should be happy that the SANDF is providing security. There have been no reports of violence.

Those anonymous callers who called for the country to enter yet another period of self-destruction were being selfish.

In fact, those who instigated the turmoil refused to assist in burying the victims.

Hospitalized people received no support or compensation as a result of the unrest.

It's encouraging to see so many police officers on the streets of Gauteng, keeping the community safe. There hasn't been any violence.

This demonstrates how callous and uncaring the anonymous instigators are. They're solely concerned with destroying people's lives and achieving their goals, nothing else.

Before embarking on the purported provocation to shut down the country, the general population should ask themselves these questions.

Was there any good that came out of the unrest? Are the stolen things still in their possession? Is it true that Jacob Zuma has been freed from prison?

That law enforcement authorities are out in force and nothing untoward has transpired is quite impressive.

If you answered no to any of these questions, then a National Shutdown is not the solution for you.

Members of society should contemplate the advantages and disadvantages of engaging in self-destruction.

We must put our efforts into restoring the country, not in annihilating what little is left. The perpetrators must be brought to justice and imprisoned, as that is the only place they belong.


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