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Think load-shedding will only be a few times? Think again because it will be worse this winter


Load shedding began more than 12 years ago, it started like something that would go away and never came back. However ever since the year 2008, when it was first implemented, load shedding became something happens almost every year.

As the years progressed, load shedding also increased its hours. This year in particular, load shedding has been the worst.

The country is currently experiencing the most hours hour of load shedding compared to the previous years around this time, and it is not son that is going to go away anytime soon.


Load shedding is about to get worse, winter season demands more electricity and the power utility Eskom does not have the means to give south Africans uninterrupted and consistent electricity without blackouts.

According to the source, South Africans could spend 85% to 100% of their winter days rolling blackouts.

This is the worst power cuts to ever occur, ever since the country started experiencing power cuts. South Africans are in for a cold and dark winter.


Is load shedding going to be a norm or a way of life for South Africa? What will it take for the blackouts to decrease or even go away?.


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