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"I was promised a payment of 400k to kill him but I did not receive the money, I went to the police"

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When I received the $400k I was promised in exchange for killing him, I went to the police and informed them what I had done and who had hired me to do it. A man who turned himself in to the police said that he was the hitman who killed a bike rider. After taking the rider's life, the suspect said that he didn't get the agreed-upon cash.

To the point when he dropped the victim's body in the river, he even drove the police there.

He was promised money, but they never paid, so he came to the conclusion that calling the police to report what had happened and to file a self-incrimination report was the only sensible course of action. After the client failed to pay him for his work, he made the decision to go to the police and disclose his identity and the nature of his employment. The man's mental state was obviously impaired, but he still made the proper decision.

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