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I Still love my sister even though she has a heart of a ROCK :Joyce Ndlovu

Following up on the former constable Rosemary Ndlovu's case who is accused of murdering 6 of her family members between 2012 and 2018 for her own financial gain, rosemary is still under custody of the police and interrogated. Further investigations are still carried with evidence unfolding bit by bit. This is a very sensitive case to learn about the killings and how selfish people can be just for money. This former constable has been claiming money from her insurances and not even giving the money to the families but just small donations while she gains more money. During her court appearances, her mother and sister who took the stand as witnesses were also targets but unfortunately they escaped.

We saw her sister Joyce Ndlovu being interviewed and asked about how she feels about what her sister did and how she is doing, she mentioned that even though she is heartless she's still her sister and she loves her, but unfortunately it is not going to be easy for her to trust her again. And she wishes she changes her ways behind bars. Whatever sentence she will be getting it should be her time to correct her ways. Apparently her sister was also terrified of her but now that eveithing is out in the light she's no longer afraid of her .

What a sad story, imagine your own family being afraid of you because you are a killer. Rosemary must just get a life sentence. She had done a lot of damage already and she's been deniying every evidence they bring on a table. This case seems like it is going to take for ever and her sentencing is going to be delayed. SA is dealing with an expert here, I means she's a former constable she must have a clue on how to delay and deny the evidence. It is going to take a little longer untill she admits to every accusation. Since the coir appearances she's been coming up with tricks, one day she was sick, the other her feet were soen because of the cuffs, she was even saying that she's not a prisoner why are they ry cuffibf her. She was also seen snacking on Pringles during her court appearance. She even has appetide after everything she is realy heartless as her sister said. I mean 6 people died here but she seems unbothered, she's just wasting time and resources honestly. She's confidently deniying every evidence brought foward with a straight face. The 2 witnesses mentioned that she called them crying histerically when her sister died to let them know that she's no more and her sister's body was not yet recovered, she just denied with a straight face that "My Lord i do not know what they are talking about because I did not so what they said I did" yoh this woman. I am in disbelief. You should see the manner in which she keep on looking at the person asking questions,this woman is dangerous.

Let us hope and pray that justice is done in this case and there will be enough evidence to lock her up.

Her case is adjourned to the 14 October 2021

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