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Assassination Of A Tender Entrepreneur Along With His Girlfriend In Their 3 Million Ferrari

A man and woman were shot and killed in what is suspected to be a hit, the two were said to be a couple but other people are speculating one of them was cheating on their partner. It is not the first time something like this is happening this month, previously it was their forex trader and a police woman who were shot and killed for allegedly cheating.

In this case two it is alleged that the two were cheating and they were assassinated, the guy is a Tender entrepreneur. They were also travelling in a very expensive Ferrari, it is so sad how people just die for small things that can just be avoided by either of the two.

The person who is cheating can just avoid cheating and break up with that another person first before being involved in another relationship, the person who’s been cheated on can just avoid killing the person who's cheating on them and just move on for everyone's best interest.

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