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Home affairs trends for all the wrong reasons, check what

Public services aren't known for maintaining a good reputation when it comes to delivery. Public hospitals has also felt the wrath of the public by getting exposed for the ill treatment towards patients and how they take long lunch breaks , leaving sick patients unattended.

Home affairs is now getting dragged too for poor services, a lady shared a picture of people waiting to be helped, however all help desks were empty.

" Home affairs no one assists us because they all went to lunch", she wrote

"@homeAffairsSA, this is Globersdal . Come and explain why your employees take lunch time and the same time and leave people unattended", one commented

" We are building better communities but yet you can't get services available to people. I bet the corruption going on here is insane. Things like this breeds rats and all kinds of pests" , another added

"And then you get some who will blame the whites, we are the problem and if we don't fix us, we always look for excuses. This is ridiculous" another chimed in

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