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Man shows off money in public teases street vendors later share video on social media (Watch)


People don't feel comfortable hiding the money they make. Instead they feel the need to build glass houses in an area covered with huts. A man shared a video of himself teasing people on the streets for being vendors.

On the video he is seen holding stashes of money and busy calling people names. What people found disturbing is that the same people who teased were old people trying to make ends meet for their families. If this is how money changes people then most of us won't need it. It is ok to make jokes but some people go as far as showing off than they ja e arrived.

And when God take back what he gave one would think it's witchcraft forgetting that he or she looked down on others. As a human being when you do good to others beautiful things shall happen to you in the future. If not you your children will be saved. God works in such a way most people fail to understand.

You can't hurt a person today and think that nothing shall ever happen to you. The pain you going to get will be greater than the person you did hurt. Love others respect and never forget praying.


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