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Road Accident

Horrifying; South Africans in disbelief, react to a pic of a dumped coffin (SEE)

Many South Africans were astonished when they saw a coffin discarded near to a busy road. A driver noticed the coffin and chose to share it with social media users, according to a Facebook post.

The image was posted on the Facebook SA Long Distance Truckers after it raised alarm among many residents and brought this strange occurrence to light. As is customary, some residents find the photo and narrative amusing, while others are concerned about the casket and whether it contained a body when it was dumped. The identity of the person who left the casket is unknown, but it was clearly dumped along N1.

“On the N1. What in the, somebody tell me.”

(Click on the link at the end of the article to watch the full video)

Alex Hamilton said:

“I know this oke.. he has covid.. been coffin a lot.”

Paula Stout said:

“Uhh I’m sorry but I didn’t have time to bury him!”

Janine Koekemoer said:

“There is no way in hell that I will stop to check on this... Not gonna happen... But hey... Rest In Peace.”

Lungisile Nyeleti said:

“Last month I buried my brother in exactly the same coffin, when we went to check on his grave after two weeks it was flat like there wasn’t a grave.”

Reginald Kadiwa said:

“Maybe they had buried him at a place he didn't like and was moving to a graveyard he prefers when he met another fatal accident.”

Naeem Dawood said:

“Apparently he didn't like where he was buried so he decided to relocate. And then this is South Africa. So he got mugged.”

Salter Tsela said:

“In South Africa everything is possible.”

Solomon Mpofu said:

“Something illegal was being transported.”

Mpingo Mpingo said:

“Was flying to heaven when one engine failed.”

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Horrifying; South Africans in disbelief, react to a pic of a dumped coffin

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