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Road Accident

'This Is What Happened On The N4 This Morning

MPUMALANGA - Five people have been killed and 3 others were left wounded in a collision on the N4 toll road near Schoemanskloof in Mpumalanga. The two-vehicle collision resulted in 5 fatalities in one car and injuries in the other. One of the drivers was speeding and lost control then crashed into another. Roads have so many potholes between FS and EC De Wetsdorp, Wepener road. The potholes are so bad that you can't even see them when it's raining.

We still gona have car accidents because of potholes in our roads plus rain. Another thing is drunk drivers, alcohol is our biggest problem. Lst year December we didn’t have many accidents because there was no booze. When people get drunk they even lose respect for others on the road. Drinking and driving can never work and unfortunately we are also in trouble while driving on the road. Right now I’m even not comfortable to drive to town because people are just abnormal on the road.

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