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OPINION: The Zimbabwean Journalist Was Abducted by the Regime 7 Years Ago and Never Seen Again

Journalist and activist Itai Dzamara was abducted by the regime 7 years ago and never seen again, now presumed dead, the target sanctions ask the regime to account for Itai’s disappearance, when you say sanctions must go without conditions, are you happy that Itai was abducted, are you saying his life doesn’t matter and that the regime must not be held accountable for abductions and murders of citizens opposed to corrupt rule?

Killing someone for what Itai Dzamara was doing is satanic, you don't kill someone for such silly stuff or protests, I am not sure what our intelligence service actually do. They have to be re-trained and learn about the soft skills of managing potential escalation of situations. Its not only old school but self defeating when you kill such a popular character. I don't condone this, but intelligence is what happened to Pius Ncube, terrorising and killing citizens is terrorism not intelligence

It's sad that he just disappeared just like that closure on him is really needed, and those involved in his disappearance must held accountable but at the same time sanctions must go, because the majority of Zimbabweans are suffering not Zanu Pf and it's leaders so supporting sanctions to stay is the same as like supporting what happened to Itai, how many innocent people going to suffer because of these sanctions

Every time I think about Itai Dzamara, my heart bleeds in pain imagine (wife) not knowing what really happened to her husband. As the children grow, what will she tell them, can't imagine the pain, the hatred they have towards who ever they suspect did this, this is sad

The worst part is someone or some people know where or what happened to him, wouldn’t be surprised if they will be with us on the comments. How do they sleep at night. I never wish ill on people but such people that are killing and hurting innocent people, I hope they die miserable and have nightmares for their miserable lives. Seven years a mother has moaned not knowing what has happened to her son

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