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Watch: People on social media noticed this when a guy was being hit by five ladies


Social media was a buzz when people saw five ladies in a video ganging up to hit one guy. People on social media were not to sure why this guy was being hit by these girls.

It is clear to see that maybe this guy may have done something huge that made these ladies gang up on him.

People on social media however noticed that in this video the lady who was wearing all black in this video was the one who was hitting this guy hard.

Some people on social media however were laughing at what was happening here. Others however did not like what was happening here as they said that this was gender based violence. 


Even though this guy did something wrong, these ladies had no right of hitting this guy the way they hit him. This guy should open a case of assault against these ladies as there is also proof of how these ladies hit this guy.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing this video.

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