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Theft robbery

A 55-year-old year jewelry store owner shot dead in cold blood by the robbers of his store so sad

Store owner shot dead in cold blood after this happened to his jewelry store he was shocked 


A 55-year-old jewelry store owner was shot dead at his store on Monday around 11:00 am, the police reported that the 55-year-old was not at the store by the time the five suspects broke in and stole his stock, the owner only came by the store a little late, he found the five-man who are suspects in this incident still looting his stuff.

According to the police and the people who saw the whole incident, they mentioned that one of the people in the streets told the old man not to go in the store because there was a robbery taking place, unfortunately, he could not hear when he was warned not to go in the store.

The suspects had a trolly full of jewelry that they stole and the 55-year-old decided to follow the suspects hoping he could get his stuff back but sadly he lost his life in the process of doing so

The suspects shot the 55-year-old and they took off and ran away with the car that they came with at the jewelry store, the police are investigating the case and they are working closely with people who saw what happened at the jewelry store. 

The family of the old man is left in tears and they described him as a funny person who liked to joke a lot and who loved to help people. 

The police have asked all those who might have seen what was going on at the jewelry store to help them find the suspects s and arrest them, the community is willing to do anything to help the police find the suspects before they do what they did to someone else out there. The incident left a lot of people shocked and stunned. 

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