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Road Accident

Child Riding Bicycle Left Critical After Being Knocked By A Car

The incident occurred on Hilton in KwaZulu-Natal at 08:50 whereby a Child riding bicycle left critical after being knocked by the car, everyone was alarmed about the incident very much this thing is to the fact that it is happening at such an alarming rate that is why they had to stop it.

Midlands ems Howick Advanced life support ambulance was dispatched to Hilton near the police station for a child that been knocked by a vehicle, the emergency services then proceeded to assess the situation in order to look if they can assist the Child.

Apon arrival it was found that the child was in a critical condition and required urgent Advanced life support treatment, the paramedics then proceeded to do everything that they could do to solve this problem and they stabilized the patient before rushing the child to Hospital.

Once treated and stabilized the child was transported to a nearby private hospital for further care, the family was really heartbroken and concerned about their loved ones because they thought that they had been injured in a very severe manner whereby his health will be very much compromised.

The exact cause of the accident is under investigation by local authorities, the police cannot rule out human fault at this moment and they are going to look possibly into anything that would reveal the real truth about what happened in this incident.

That is why investigations are going to be conducted in order to find out exactly how to deal with the decision, this is definitely something that cannot be allowed to just happen and investigations are sure to happen.

So we are wondering if the police are going to arrest whoever is involved in the accident, because there surely has to be some repercussions for negligent driving and endangering the lives of other people on the road.

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