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People Spotted Something Weird In This Playful Snap Between Toddler And Officer

Babies are just cute, especially when they cooperate with the camera man to capture a beautiful and special moment. The above picture shows a police officer on duty, dressed neatly in his uniform and giving little miss driver a traffic fine. The little toddler can be seen negotiate with the officer, chilling in her flashy ride, she stands up to talk her way out of the situation. However, some know how to analyze a picture until they spot something weird in the picture.

The officer appears to be carrying a gun as usual, but then if you look closer, a knife can spotted right on top close to the riffle. It is not usual to see a policeman armed with a knife on duty. Nonetheless, it never managed to outshine the cuteness of little miss as she produced her driving license.

Wait a minute officer, here is my license. The little girl seems like one composed and responsible driver.

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