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Woman sh0cks in-laws by collecting her own R3000 lobola

A man who disguised himself as a woman collected her own lobola. 

That is the shocking news his in-laws have heard after he was exposed last week. 

It is alleged that Morris Samuchena of Zimbabwe disguised himself as Emily Muswere for more than two years. 

During the course of his disguise, he went on to get married to ‘‘her husband’’, Andrew Chafa-Sambani.

As in the African norm, Andrew's family went and paid lobola for the bride. Little did they know that their bride they were paying for was actually a man. 

 It has now emerged that Morris is the one who held the lobola negotiations. During the negotiations, it is alleged that he charged US200 (about R3000).

He went on to pocket the money as he was the sole actor during the ceremony to welcome him to the Chafa-Sambani family.

It has been reported that Morris did not want his family to be part of the lobola negotiations as he feared that his cover would be blown. 


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