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" No woman can finish this meal" but respond from women caused a stir on social media

In a restaurant, you talk about ladies.

If you leave her with a fridge in your house, she will eat the entire leg of a cow, but you will just find chicken bones and wonder what happened to the cow.

Women are generally thought to be people who do not consume excessive amounts of food. They are known to be the ones who eat slowly and do not consume a lot of potion. A man took to Twitter to publish a photo of a full meal of steak with the statement, "No woman can eat this stuff." But the women's horrified response was not what he anticipated to hear; instead of sitting away and stating they would not finish this supper, they went on to say this small amount potion. Others went on to remark that it depends on where you are, but for certain ladies in the hamlet, this is nothing, and they can even complete a half-cow. There are those out there who eat excessively without regard for the future. Please remember to like and comment on this article.


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