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Cele Visit to Port Edward, following the Murder of Cop and 3 members of His family, cause a stir

Cele to visit Port Edward following murder of cop and 3 members of his family. How about actual prevention of crime instead of theatrics?

How much is his traveling budget per year?? Surely can buy few vehicles or resources for police. Just email them a copy of your speech. ‘We condone, we will get to the bottom of this, the community should assist us’, And, are they going to visit all the people whose loved ones get killed?

What is the point of the visit anyway? Cold comfort for the citizens, knowing the criminals will continue to kill and get away with it anyway. Visit Port Edward and then what? Make a speech telling us how he was raised and brought up during apartheid years. That's what he is good at, only visit then no actions after his visit this old mandalas should just stay at home and give the youth chance. He wouldn't have to visit if he was doing his job properly and proactively. 

Someone Reacts on Twitter that, This guys is always out and about, does he do any work?

He has become like Mthethwa, minister of condolences. To give them another empty promises. What exactly will he achieve by this, just waste our money?

And do what? “Condemn” the actions in words only? Hollow words at that. His entire career is traveling crime scenes and takes photo op. He did not know his job, he has achieved nothing. Why is this dude still a Minister of anything? He is 70 years old—most of us can't afford to retire, but he certainly can. He has been paid our hard-earned money to do literally nothing. Our Cabinet and Parliament really should just double up as an old age home. I hope they do to him what they did to Mbalula and that lady who got her wig snatched. Minister of condolences & crying crocodile tears. There is no such as police service in SA. These are just a bunch of thugs from SDUs, Cele has a busy life chasing murders "after-the-fact", apologizing to families and vowing to stop crime, until the next trip. What a job, he is like a PR for death. Does he do his job when there is crime in that area or when a cop has been killed? Why can he send the commissioner in that money wasted for accommodation, traveling and lunch?

The minister of visiting victims of crime & attending funerals. When are the former regime leaders going to pass on, so we can begin a new era? Hey labathu baya lasta you! The white ones are dying. How much will that trip cost us taxpayers, send the local police chief. To go as a model again why only when people die then you want to go visit people I so wish people throw you with rotten eggs because that's what you are 1 of them in parliament. And that's all you do. You run from murder to murder just to score political points. We see right through you. 


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