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RIP: She was shot 9 times after revealing this message to the world

Prayers were requested from Namhla's WhatsApp contacts in the days leading up to her alleged shooting death. She was shot while attempting to flee her violent partner, with whom she was in a relationship. She used WhatsApp to describe the abuse she was subjected to. "Why do men dislike us so much?" one of the post's female readers wondered. Getting shot nine times for the sake of ending a bad relationship was not fair to her.

As bad as it is, the cops appear to be doing little to help. Some South African women have called for justice in response to the allegations that women are no longer safe in their country. Several other women wrote to express their views on the issue "her family's relationship with her was severed by him.

After a month and all this evidence, no one has been identified as a suspect? Why don't you tell us what it is you're talking about?

Brutal physical and sexual abuse have left the young woman's body with a trail of scars. The problems she had to deal with stemmed from her relationship with the assailant who shot her nine times. St. Loqani, a female activist working for justice for the woman who was killed, said, "The terrible thing is that the case has been launched, and St. Loqani is the investigating officer."

The day after the incident, on April 22, 2022, police arrived and took a statement. To date, no one has been detained or investigated for their role in the incident at hand. He abused her in every way imaginable until the day she died. The mere mention of these unpleasant encounters makes my stomach turn. You have no idea what I'm saying "This is a smart move. The suspect is believed to have shot the victim multiple times to ensure her death.

More and more South Africans are using social media to demand "justice for her" and express their displeasure with the country's treatment of women.


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