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Nigerian lady lies about buying a house at 23 yrs old but Twitter catches her, see comments

Nigerian lady lies about buying a house at 23 yrs old but Twitter catches her, see comments

While you're here, please follow me.

The lengths some people go to get social media likes, is saddening. We have people who lie about their achievements, love lives and lives in general just because they are desperate for content to post on social media.

In the end, their followers end up envying things that don't even belong to them. We then find ourselves beating ourselves up because our lives are not moving at the pace of people on social media, only to find that they are lying and not showing us the truth about their lives.

Nigerian lady Ada_Ada001 is such a liar. She not only lied, but lied on God too. Last year, Motshidisi posted that she bought her first property at 25 years and thanked God and her ancestors. 1 year later Ada_Ada001 recycled Motshidisi's post and said of how she's bought her first property at age 23, thanks to God and some Forex scheme.

Unfortunately for her, people noticed that her keys are different from Nigerian estates and that's how people went on a quest to prove that she's lying. As predicted, she was discovered to be lying and shamed for trying to sell a fake life on social media.

Tweeps came down on her and called her out for stealing other people's achievements and parading them as her own, only to lure people into her Forex scheme.

These are the comments:

It's not yours now you wanna start scamming you thought since you from another country we won't notice🤣🤣🤣this Insta life will kill some of you...did you buy the house in South Africa TMathebaMasenya

Content is killing the youth. _Hybreed_

Fake life to impress other fake people... Kwandokuhle_eX


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July 01, 2022.

Content created and supplied by: Zondiwe_M (via Opera News )

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