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Road Accident

He Is Playing With Fire, A Man Was Spotted Doing This On The Road

A man was seen riding in a trolley at the back of a truck in a very busy free way, wet road and the man was basically endangering himself by what he was doing and that is why many people are upset with his actions on the road.

People could die, his is not funny at all but he seemed to take delight from the whole experience and the onlookers did nothing but record the incident to post on their social media accounts for clicks and likes.

Especially in rainy whether like this is very irresponsible behaviour and where is the law to intervene in such cases, because when that man kills families on the road someone will have to be held accountable.

Where were Metro when this happened because this was on the N4 towards Pretoria City, the free way is literally with cereal surely they could have easily spotted this man, but knowing South Africa they probably thought it was funny and it didn’t occur to them that the law was being broken.

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Metro Playing With Fire


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