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A policewoman caused a frenzy on social media after she posted her age.

A policewoman shared pictures on Twitter wishing herself a happy birthday with the caption "your aunt is turning 40 years today wishing myself many more'' and people couldn’t keep calm.

Twitter users could not help but tell Vuyo how young she looks in a instate of wishing her a happy birthday all they can focus on was how she motivates them.

Being a policewoman can be a demanding job because you are a mother, a wife, and at work, you still have to protect the community, we all know that stress can have a bad impact on a person’s appearance, but it looks like Vuyo is changing that.

Vuyo is 40 years but still looks like she is in her 30s she is one of the people that are blessed to have genes that make her look younger than her age many people will do anything, not to age, they will go as far as going through sugary.

We are all born with different genes that focus on skin formation, weight, energy, etc that is why you can find that siblings can look different from each other, whether it is height, weight, or complexion.

If you are one of the people like vuyo count yourself lucky because she is blessed with beautiful skin and body shape, she has something that most people spend years trying to achieve by going to the gym and sugary trying to look perfect.

By looking at Vuyos pictures you can tell that she is not a person that likes makeup meaning that she is natural.

We all know that one person who appears younger than what they are and what makes it strange is that they eat everything that everyone eats and doesn’t work out.

The sad part is that sugary can be expensive, and it is not all the time that people get what they ask for. Big up to sis Vuyo for her natural beauty.

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