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Video Footage Shows What New Tactics Criminals Use to Rob Your Car

These crime syndicates are really getting creative and artistic lately, always coming up with new ways to rob and defraud people from their personal belongings. A lot of people are totally unaware of these tactics and that is why this people are able to get away with it.

In the video posted on social media a Samaritan has shared ways these people rob people and even fool them, without them even noticing. When the video starts it shows off a tactic they use to people of their personal belongings in their cars, like when a car gets into a parking space, after the driver gets out and before they lock the car and step away, they open up the back door without them even noticing, so as soon as they walk away they open up the car and steal what ever they can. So be very cautious of the people around you when you leave your car and also the people in the other car next to you.

The second one is called smash and grab and also grabbing and running away, so every time you are in public make sure that your personal belongings are not in plain view or visible enough so that they can get stolen.

Click on the link below to watch the video of how these people rob people and also be safe during this festive season.


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