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I wish my dad can wake up and die again you will be shocked what happened after this see comments

Some people go through a lot because of what people do to them, some people don't mind making other people's lives miserable and this creates too much hate in people hurts to the point that they wish death upon them because if that happens they will have peace.

And those people would say you don't understand what that person did to me that's why I say I wish so and so can die. But despite what the other person did to you, is it worth wishing death upon them.

A lady took to her social media account celebrating the passing of her father who died the last year 2010, it's not everyday social media has this kind of post normally will have a post where people cry and say they miss their family members but to have some who wish death upon someone who has already died it's shocking. Below it's what she posted that got people doing the same thing.

No one knows what her father did to her but this post shows that a lot of things happen to a point that she wishes more death upon him. And in this kind of situation depending on how her father died, they might say she killed him. Because with this kind of hate, one can do anything to make sure that they get rid of the person.

But it seems like this lady is not the only one out there who has this kind of hate to the point that they wish death upon them. After her post, it was like she touched a very sensitive subject, as some people also started wishing death upon their loved ones

We are living in a messed up society where people are hurt and living with so much pain, forgiveness is a hard thing do little people know that when you forgive you free yourself from the burden and the hate your caring in your heart. As long as you don't forgive you won't have peace, you can't hold this much hate for so long because they might make you bitter even towards your friend and family. Just forgive and move on

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