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"Nigerian Police Men Fighting Each Other" And 3 Other Things That Only Happen In Nigeria


Some of these items may seem out of date in other countries; nonetheless, every country on the earth has its own set of strange events. As a result, we reveal to you some facts that only visitors to Nigeria would understand:

1. Nigerians visit the dentist only when they have no other options. In Nigeria, going to the dentist for routine check-ups is uncommon.

2. Everyone wears their best clothes on Sunday. If there is one day that is clearly recognized in Nigeria, it is Sundays, when many individuals are seen dressed to the nines for church services and events.

3. People get excited and scream when the power is turned on. Good day and welcome to Nigeria! Nigerians face intermittent power supply. The power company can take hours to weeks to restore power outages.

4. There have been a few public fights between law enforcement officers.

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