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In Shock|| Primary Pupils Were Sold 'Space Cookies' And This Happened-READ BELOW

Teachers were all shocked after hearing primary pupils complaining about the rise in temperature.The kids had to be taken back home and to their surprise, it was found that the pupils had drugs in their system.After an investigation, it was found that the kids had muffins that were mixed with dagga.

A 33-year-old woman was arrested for selling the muffins (space muffins) to primary pupils.

The incident has got the community of Ekurhuleni fuming and demand the 33-year-old woman to pay for the damages.It is not yet clear what was the intention of the woman selling space muffins to primary pupils.Luckly no child really got sick nor admitted to hospital but they were all high.The woman actually made the space muffins and took them to primary school just to spice up the things for primary pupils.

What do you think should happen to this woman? Share thoughts below!!!

Source: Updates With LolahM

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