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In Shock:Meet a 29 years old Forex Trader who scammed people Millions of Rands


JOHANNESBURG : Fraudsters are everywhere these days especially with our economy being down like this . Yesterday it was reported that the  South African Police Services has issued a warrant of arrest for a cryptocurrency trader Sandile Shezi who allegedly scammed one of his investors of half a million. 

According to the reports, Shezi is one of the investors who also have offices in Johannesburg where he hold his seminars . The person who got scammed met Shezi throughout a friend and upon seeing how much Shezi was making , he attempted to invest whole R500 000, his name is Allan Ledwaba.

Allan was able to receive his dividends for the first few months and after that he never got any cent from him. The total amount of money he received was R40 000 only from the R500k he had initially invested. Ledwaba is not the only person who got scammed, also a principal of a high school invested a sum of R1 million, when he tried to ask about his returns as he was no longer working , Shezi would lie to him and give him the turnaround of the stories .

The lawyers of Shezi are said to have made comments to say that the accusations made to Shezi are untrue. Shezi is still on the run and no one knows where he is or have seen him. Those who have heard about him are saying that Shezi used to call himself a millionaire.

Comments about this whole story is that people really don’t learn . It seems as if a person want to make quick cash of which is impossible. I always say that a bank is the way to go as you know you will never get disappointed or loose your money . 

Let’s learn from this story . If you have no idea how you can invest your money, speak to your broker or a bank and get options from there.

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