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Road Accident

Check Out The Horrific Accident Which Claimed 4 Lives At The N1

Now that we are just a few days away from the Easter holidays, If you should look around many shopping centers, mall's and complex's I assume that you can see that they are now forever packed as people are getting ready to head down to their hometowns, villages and so on, Well the same applies to our roads.

Those who drive knows that our roads are packed now and then with them being packed full and forever flooded with cars one have to be more than just vigilant for 1 simple mistake can cause an accident which can even go as far as claiming lives, Talking about road accidents claiming lives please refer to the pic attached below to see what has recently happened around N1 near musina Limpopo 

According to my source :

4 lives has been lost at this unfortunate incident whereby a mini truck collided with a big long distance truck outside musina, The cause of the accident is still not clear at this point in time, However the SAPS and other relevant individuals has been deployed to go take care of the situation and the N1 near season outside musina is closed as we speak.

This is bad but as bad as it could be let us all learn a thing from this accident, 1 think I believe we all should learn here is that with roads being busy this Easter let us all go and have patience as we drive, Let us refrain from overtaking each other unnecessarily because we feel that those in the front of us are delaying us,Checkout the people's reactions to the accident

Rather be delayed and get to your destination safe alive than to try to overtake other cars at none overtaking spots like curves and end up getting into serious accidents which will cost you more than just a car please, Share the article to spread the awareness 

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