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Kids Who Committed Suicide Because They Were Bullied

Bullying can have a variety of negative consequences in your life. Bullying victims are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and even suicide. Bullying, whether verbal or natural, increases the likelihood of a person having a lower education. Intimidation affects people of all ages in a variety of ways. We've compiled a list of children who committed suicide after being bullied repeatedly:

Gabriel Taye

The 3rd graduate Gabriel Taye was a student at Carson Elementary School, according to an unlawful death lawsuit filed with his family against Cincinnati Public Schools in 2017 and was subjected to repeated bullying which led him on 26 January 2017 to commit suicide.

Jamel Myles

Only days after beginning fourth grade a 9-year old boy in Colorado committed suicide. Recently, as a gay, he came to his mother and her mother believes that bullying has been part of his death, Mike Galanos of HLN told her on Tuesday.

"The same kids who bullied him last year were even crueller to him when he came out and said he was gay," Jamel Myles' mother lamented.



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Carson Cincinnati Public Gabriel Taye Jamel Myles


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