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Sharkboy is off life support since he was in a coma

Former paralympian is off life support after he was in a coma

A 39 years old former paralympian Achmat Hassiem who is known as shark boy has been off life support. His family revealed that he is still in a critical condition after he was in an induced coma for three weeks. There were complications after the surgery that was done at his back and on the shoulder, hence an induced coma. Achmat's parents were so happy to see him off life support.

They said that they are so grateful and feel blessed since their son is still alive after everything he went through "It is heartbreaking seeing my boy laying in the hospital and knowing I can't do anything to help him is very sad. It's every mother's worst nightmare to see their child sick and not being able to take away the pain they're going through. It is very hard. I know my son needs help and it's difficult seeing him like this," said Achmat’s mother. Achmat was taken off life support last week Thursday. At that time he did not respond but they did not lose hope. The doctors told the family that the shark boy is not out of danger yet. He has a high fever and the infection is still affecting him. Achmat’s younger sister, Taariq who is 32 years of age said that they been in the hospital almost all the time and they had high hopes that he will wake up and he will recover. He is still not responding as yet but the doctors are positive that he will wake up.

Achmat was bitten by a white shark 15 years ago, that is why he is called a Sharkboy. He recently celebrated his survival. Thoraiya, Achmat’s dad said that they are always worried because they don’t know what the future holds for their son. ''Waking up in the morning not being sure of the day until I see my boy somewhat still trying to put up a brave fight to pull through at the hospital is what's keeping me going right now.’’ The family thanked the fans for sending them prayers and messages for their loved one, they appreciate it.

According to Taariq there was a swelling on his neck but it has come down and they are happy since they see the difference. "It's been and still is a difficult time to see our family - brother, son - like this. The bit of good news does give us hope that we need but he is still in a serious condition. We're a 'never give up' type of family and we believe that Achmat will fight through this," said Taariq. The family is asking for money from anyone who can help since Achmat will need lots of money for his medical intervention even after recovering. They started a crowdfunding campaign. It will take time for Achmat to recover, the period of his recovering is not known. 



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