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Police constable murders spouse and 5 months old baby before taking her own life

A horrific incident was reported on a Facebook post by Blessings Ramooba on the evening of Sunday the 14th of February 2021.

It was of an incident which involved a 28 year old female police constable. According to reports, the constable is said to have shot her five months old baby girl, the father of the child before she turned the gun on herself and shot herself.

Police management strongly condemned the horrible incident which took place at Embalenhle on the evening of Saturday the 13th of February 2021.

In a statement which was released by the police regarding the incident, the officer made use of her service firearm to shoot her little daughter and a 33 year old man before she took her own life. The said member was off duty when she committed the murders.

Community members informed the police of the unfortunate incident. By the time medical personnel and police got on the scene, the woman was certified dead.

Two other people were wounded and taken to a nearby clinic. The people who were wounded were a man and a little girl. It is however unfortunate that the man died upon his arrival.

The girl later too succumbed to injuries she had also suffered during the incident after she had been transferred to a hospital.

A service firearm was recovered from the scene as it was found next to the woman's body.

Investigations surrounding the incident are continuing and police have opened an inquest and a case with two counts of murder.

It is believed that the horrible incident was fueled by acts of domestic violence according to a preliminary probe that was carried out. The couple is said to have been having a tough time in their relationship and at one time the constable had moved from the man's house.

On the fateful day, it is said that the man had brought in a female friend to his place of residence as a visitor. The man and the female friend left the home and after a little while came back after leaving her bags.

When they returned to the house to get some items, the constable and his daughter had at that time also come to the house. The man and this woman visitor were not aware that the constable was at the house also.

The man's visitor went inside the house while the man remained in the car. As she got in, she found a constable inside the house armed with a rifle. The constable ordered her to take a seat and held her at gunpoint.

After waiting for a while, the man got concerned and went in to check what had happened to his visitor. When he went in, that's when he bumped into the constable who is the mother of her child armed with a firearm and furious.

It is further reported that a fatal shooting took place after a scuffle had broken out. The female visitor was fortunate to escape unharmed and she is the one who made the police report.

Police officers are encouraged to make use of the Employee Health and Wellness services in the event that they may have challenges in their relationships. They were further urged to refrain from the use of violence to solve issues.

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