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What Greeted One Vanderbijlpark Family Upon Awakening

Per the receipt Why not go swimming in Vanderbijlpark? The driver was obviously not thinking straight because he drove into a wall and then a pool, and it appears that he was going too fast for conditions.

It is really worrying that members of the public were put in such a dangerous situation, where they could have likely lost their lives if not for the pool that kept the car from getting truly out of control and crashing into their main house.

Which might have easily led to something that is really catastrophic and the loss of life of the family members who were inside the house, and that is the problem that is being confronted here and that has led many people to say that something like this is definitely not allowed in our society.

And why, especially in suburban areas where the distance between the road and the house is not so far, aren't there concrete barriers on the side of the roadways to prevent these cars from slamming into people's walls and homes?

It is tragic that the victims of the tragedy were not permanently scarred; after such a heinous event, we cannot conclude that such a thing is acceptable in our society and hence, great consideration must be given to preventing it from ever happening.

All of the people within the house are lucky to be alive, because things could have easily turned tragically wrong.


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