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Traumatizing pictures of kidnapped foreign national shared, see what they did

Things are not looking good at all in South Africa as there seem to be a terroristic group in operation.

Following a series of kidnap incidents that have been reported, it can be safely said that criminals have found this as a lucrative venture. People are now getting abducted for fun and one can only be happy when they find their loved ones alive.

However, we should not forget the traumatic experiences the kidnap victims and their loved ones are made to go through.

In a tweet that was shared by Yusuf Abramjee, one Mozambican national got kidnapped on the East Rand a few weeks ago. The trend of kidnappings is mainly centred on those of Asian descent and foreign nationals.

A search for him got underway after he went missing. To inflict more pain into the family of the victim, the abductors did something that a few would have imagined. They sent images of the victim in their custody.


His hands were tied and a gun was pointed on his head. A black baclava was put on his face and if you are a family member you would know that the life of your loved one is hanging by a thread.

All this was in a quest for the family to pay ransom and they complied. Yusuf Abramjee went on to specify that after the payment of the ransom, the victim got released.

So many questions are being asked regarding the state of security. The words of Julius Malema are haunting the nation as he once said, "The problem with our Intelligence (National Intelligence) is that they are not intelligent."

The police intelligence seems to be always getting caught napping as they are failing to track down the suspects behind this rise in kidnaps. Some now think that the police might be profiting from crime.

It now seems as if these abductions have become a national crisis and the government has no plan of ever bringing them to an end.


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