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4 Identity cards that left Mzansi twitter divided

This might be the funniest ID cards you have ever seen in you're life.

- An ID card is one of the most important thing one can have as a human being, It's one of the things that identifies Someone, by they're name, date of birth, Gender, Nationality and Country of birth.

- When people start getting to a point were they're becoming teenagers, They have to go and get they're own ID cards, No one is an exception. You can have a funny name on your ID and that name will stay like that forever because it's almost impossible to change your name or surname.

- What I,m about to show you are one of the most funniest ID cards that left Mzansi twitter divided. The ID cards had funny English names which result in them trending on social media.

The first card is of a man from Namibia who goes by the name of, "Immanuel Very important person", Immanuel was fine until the name stretched forward to Very important person.

The second card is also for a man from Namibia, His name made a lot of people laugh by how the name was so obvious, his name is, "ELLINA HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

The third ID card is also from Namibia, it would seem that a lot of funny names are found in Namibia, his name is, "EDWARD ROADBLOCK."

The forth card is also from a guy from Namibia, on this card the man's name is like a question to God is his name is, "WHY GOD"

That's it Those are the 4 funniest ID cards that left people divided on twitter, most of this ID cards are from people from Namibia and it would seem that most funny names can be found in Namibia.

What do you think? What are your thoughts? Whar would you do if one of this names was yours? Would you accept it? Drop a comment, like, share and follow for more articles to come in the future.

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