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Watch : Suspects Shoot A VW Driver In A Robbery In Sandton

Shooting: Catherine and 5th Sandton. Motive unknown.

The police are still conducting investigations in order to get to the bottom of this incident, what we are seeing here is another incident of violence that is being perpetrated on ordinary members of the public.

As you can see this victim is basically being terrorized by perpetrators of crimes what is even worse is the fact that they shot him dead, before they grabbed his laptop and cell phone - all these basic things which can be acquired with very little money but it is individuals basically killing people for their goods.

The victim died after being rushed to hospital, and at the moment it is unclear how many casualties there were from the incident because if you look very closely you will see that the individuals who perpetrated the crime proceeded to shoot someone who was seated at the back.

And of course we already assumed that because of that there should be more casualties in this incident, however we’re still waiting for information in order to be able to finally understand what went down there.

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