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A 41 year old woman killed by her 23 year old boyfriend leaving 5 kids without a mother

A man from Hanover Park has been arrested for fatally stabbing his girlfriend during an altercation.

Zulfa Fisher, a mother of five, was knifed in the lung and died inside the home of her 23-year-old lover on Saturday night.

Sumya Fisher, 58, of Hartseer, claims she was woken up by cops in the early hours of Saturday morning and told her daughter had been killed.

“They were dating for about two to three years, and she was staying with his family in Porath Walk,” Sumya explains.

“We don't know what happened before the stabbing, but Law Enforcement came here and told us about it.

“We were taken aback because we had no knowledge of her boyfriend being aggressive in any way.

“She is the mother of five children who are all very hartseer.”

Carlton Hendricks, a Zulfa berk, will appear in Athlone Magistrates' Court today for the first time.

The couple is said to have been fighting about Carlton's ex-girlfriend.

Zulfa and her friend were walking home when they came across Carlton's ex-girlfriend, according to a 48-year-old relative of Carlton who did not want to be identified.

She claims, "She was chatting to her and Carlton saw and there was an argument."

“He thought he stabbed her in the left arm, but she lifted her arm and the knife went into her lung, prompting her to flee.

“As a family, we immediately sought assistance to transfer her to a hospital, but no one could transport us.

“Then Law Enforcement was following some individuals down the street, so we stopped them and requested for assistance, but she didn't make it,” says the narrator.

“We gave Carlton over to the cops, who informed us that he would be in court on Tuesday.”

The woman claims that Carlton's hartseer family mourned with her family at Zulfa's janaazah on Sunday.

“We treated her as if she were one of our own.

“She was a wonderful lady, and we adored her.

The relative adds, "We believe this was an accident."

“This office has been advised that a 23-year-old guy has been detained,” says SAPS spokesperson Joseph Swartbooi.

“Once charged, he is anticipated to appear in court in Athlone Magistrates' Court on a murder charge.


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