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What a Life — This South African Man Is Suffering Untold Poverty And Hardship

One important of social media is that it has helped to reveal many hidden things that are happening around the world. One of the things that social media revealed today is the life of a poor and suffering 59 years old South African who live alone in an isolated hut, without basic amenities. According to a Twitter user who shared this striking story, “His name is Ngoyi Biyela, 59 years old. He lives here. No pension, no food. He boils tree barks & drink the water to survive. That's his daily diet. He's from Ezikhumbeni area, Ward 24, Ulundi. A crime against humanity. Let's change Ngoyi's Life. Any form of assistance will do”. Ngoyi Biyela is one among many South Africans who are suffering in the midst of plenty, and they have no one to voice it out for them. This one came to people's notice because of a good Samaritan who felt for the poor man.

This picture brought emotions and pains to South Africans who are now asking Mr Fikile Mbalula aka Mr Fix it if this is not South Africa. Recall that the minister of Transportation said that some pictures being shared on social media are not South Africa. One man said that no one was ready to help this man, yes, “Nothing at all. The Councillor knows this. It's only iNduna uMthembu that is going all out to assist. Just got a call from the Speaker of the Legislature, who has since instructed her officials to intervene. Public Works Head of Ministry has made contact as well. There's movement”. This is the hardship many South Africans in the rural areas are suffering, and the government is not even looking in their direction. Some politicians only visit rural areas only during campaigns and elections, after which the people are left to their fates. People are now gradually learning to talk out because whereas the rich are becoming richer while the poor are getting poorer by the day.

A young man cried after seeing the pictures saying, "This is heartbreaking I think people who want to assist will need more info, I can assist him with clothes but I am in Pretoria. Apartheid government was far better than this ANC government.ANC should be proud that their looters leaders are emptying government coffers to enrich their families while poor are suffering". People are already trying to help him on social media. It is a painful experience to live like this for a long time. 

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