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Snakes Were Spotted with A Young Boy In UMthatha

Members of the public are reacting to an incident where they are seeing a picture where a boy is sitting on top of a group of snakes, which are fully grown meaning that they could totally swallow a whole cow if they wanted to.

This is something that has caught the attention of the members of the public because of how these things look, the incident has caused a stir on social media because of how things have turned out we can just tell by the way that the snakes are big that they could have followed him if they wanted to.

The story behind the whole incident is that the boy had disappeared and was allegedly brought back home by the group of snakes and they didn't leave until the elders of the boy came home and took him, this is something that is mysterious in the history of which cannot be traced back to any point in time.

Even when you look it up on Google you can tell by the legitimacy of the picture that this was not some Photoshop incident, the incident could have actually happened.

Ayanda is from UMthatha where some people believe in such incidences and they trust them to such an extent that they often pray to such incidences and attach special meanings to them, while other people are very sceptical about such things and they merely dismiss them as events that have never happened.

However, that is the opinion of the individual it doesn't matter how you see these things because everyone has an opinion that counts - if there are other people that believe in such incidents then it is their belief and it should be respected.

Such incidents are very common around the world and it is alleged that snakes often do not eat babies, it has something to do with the way the babies smell or something and that is the reason that is commonly given out.

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