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Young Man Killed Fighting Off A Rapist Who Wanted His Girlfriend

A 22 year old man was killed and his girlfriend injured during a shooting incident at the Cornubia flats in Cornubia, KwaZulu-Natal. Truth is we are seeing a lot of these incidents happening around the country, there is even a list of high risk places that has been published by the police.

Showing the number of risky places that can be found in the country this has created a serious problem in our society, because women are going around feeling very much unsafe about the situation which is definitely the opposite of what we want to see.

RUSA were called out to the scene at 04:21 requesting medical assistance for the couple, on arrival they found an unresponsive male who was located on the side of the road. The suspects in question allegedly shot him on his head and unfortunately he lost his life right there on scene, and the suspects were very much intending to rape his girlfriend so he was defending her and would not allow this to happen on his watch.

His 26 year old girlfriend was treated for a gunshot wound to her left buttock, it is very clear that the perpetrators of crimes are basically roaming around causing a lot of destruction to people's lives and they do this without any care whatsoever about the damage that they're causing.

The woman said that she and the deceased were accosted by a lone gunman when they were coming from a tavern, it is alleged that the suspect was phoning them up at gunpoint and he instructed her to follow him into the bushes where he wanted to take advantage of her.

She attempted to flee while her boyfriend fought off their attacker and unfortunately in the fight to disagree him, shots were fired. And the suspect took off into the dense bush, this is a very unfortunate thing that has happened here and the suspect has to be found about the Justice.

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