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SAPS Officer Allegedly Dragged Husband By Privates Until He Bled

Many people regard physical abuse as something that only affects women, but the truth is men can be physically abused too, by other men or women.

If a woman reports domestic violence. Even if she started it or lied. The man is arrested no matter what. If a man calls and reports it. Usually the man gets arrested still.

The law and the rights always favour women more than men. The law is biased. It seems that it is okay for women to hurt men, but it is not okay for men to hurt women. This is the reason why men don't report domestic violence often. Even so, some men are gradually starting to report domestic violence and filing for protection orders against their girlfriends and lawfully wedded wives.

One of them is the anonymous man from Durban who married a cop wife. It is alleged that the wife of the said man who happens to be a policer officer in Durban has been abusing her husband for 6 years. According to an interview with the South African radio station, Khaya FM, the two have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for two years.

They have been married for 12 years, but throughout all these years the man said it wasn't easy at all. He claimed there were several occasions his wife beat him on the head with her firearm until he bled.

The recent abuse he suffered made him call for help. He realized he will end up dying in the hands of his wife. In the latest abuse, he claimed that his wife dragged him by privates until he bled.

MEC for the Department of Social Development for KZN, Nonhlanhla Khoza has condemned the police officer’s actions. She says proper action will be taken against the police officer if she is found guilty.

The Cop wife think she's above the law. She thinks she can get away with anything since she's a police woman. There are lots of cases of gender-based violence directed to women and children. However, the law cannot deny that men also suffer abuse from their female partners. Therefore, it is important that they expose all these cases of gender-based violence.

It just doesn’t make sense that the said police woman allegedly abused her husband and believed that she could not face the law.

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