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It was not a Pepper Spray?? See What One of Enyobeni Survivors Said That Left People With Questions

They say no matter how long it takes, the truth will always come out. Ever since the Enyobeni tragedy happened, where 22 children passed away, many people have been suspecting that there is something that is being hidden behind the story. Many reports say those children passed away because there was a proper spray in the building, but many people have been refusing, saying that a proper spray can never kill a person. Some suspect that those kids were killed.



Well, Newzroom went out to interview some of the people who survived the situation. It turned out that many people in the community didn’t want to be interviewed because they were scared of the owner. One of the children who survived agreed to be interviewed, but she had hidden her face and identity so that she wouldn’t be recognized. In the interview, she explained that she lost consciousness while she was trying to get other people out of the venue, and she woke up the next day in an ambulance.



She went on to say that when she woke up after 5 hours, she was told that she blacked out because of the pepper spray, but she told them that it was never a pepper spray because a pepper spray can not make a person black out for 5 hours. It seems like the girl suspects that there was something more than pepper spray, just like what everyone is saying on social media.



Her statement just raised more questions for the people. They keep on saying the truth will eventually come out. Many peole are not believing the pepper spray claims, they say there is something more than just a pepper spray. As for me, I believe that there is something more to this too. What’s your take on this incident? Do you believe that those kids died because of pepper spray? Tell us about your view.


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