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A lady turn into a laughingstock after her 21st birthday pictures hit the Internet.

A picture is something that will remind you of a special or a sad day in your life, in this time that we live in a picture can make or break you.

A lady's pictures have been doing rounds on social media, in the pictures, you can see a lovely girl happy that she has reached a stage that any parent wants their children to reach which is 21 without a child.

But unfortunately, her happiness has been turned into a joke as people noticed something in the pictures that got them confused.

People notice that looking at the outfits and the decoration of the party feels like a wedding if it was not for the cake that is showing the 21st decoration one would not know what the celebration is about.

Social media people could not wait to comment and share their views about what they thought about her 21st party pictures.

In South Africa, if a child reaches 21 years of age and has no child that is called for a celebration the parents and the family members will make sure that they organize a party.

A lot goes into planning a 21 birthday party, there has to be a cake, decoration, beautiful outfit a lot of food and drinks which is almost like a wedding.

Most of these parties will take place at night where gifts will be handed out friends and families will make their speeches.

The most important part of the party is the handing of the 21 keys by the parents, the key is a token of appreciation, which means now you have grown, and it is time to be your person.

Although it looks like people are moving away from the 21st party and prefer to do their celebrations privately.

But the important thing is that she enjoyed her party and has made the family proud.

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