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Theft robbery

Look at what this guy was up to in the wee hours of the morning when he was caught red-handed.

The level of criminal activity in South Africa has significantly increased, and criminals are now operating in every region of the country. This individual was apprehended while on the verge of breaking into a car dealership and stealing costly property. Another person of interest was located in the wee hours of the morning of the previous day. 

According to the allegations, the individual was apprehended while attempting to break into a local car dealership in the area, but he was unsuccessful since a security firm was at the site very quickly. 

The attempted break-in at the car dealership was witnessed by security cameras, and the suspect was apprehended in the act. Fortunately, the Fedelity ADT team was able to corner the culprit, and they were able to apprehend him. 

It would appear that the individual was trying to obtain entrance to the car dealership in order to steal a vehicle from there. 

Now that car dealerships are being targeted by thieves looking to steal vehicles, business owners are being warned to step up their security measures. 

It is really unsettling to see that crime rates across the country are climbing steadily higher. As a result of the rise in crime, there have been carjackings, robberies, and stolen vehicle incidents, and people are now living in fear. 

What are your thoughts on the criminal justice system in South Africa? 


Content created and supplied by: Anne Koch (via Opera News )

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