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Watch: Police Officers beats Up A White Man

Police brutality has been going on in south africa for a very long time,the sorrowful scenarios where the police took the lives of the striking miners in marikana in the province of North West remains in the hearts of many south Africans,the unfortunate death of the community leader Andries Tatane who was striked by the elastic projectiles by the police is also not yet forgotten by the south africans.The death of the disabled boy Nathaniel in the province of Gauteng Eldorado Park is also one of the unforgettable memory that keeps rolling in the heads of the helpless south africans who relies on the public security agencies for protection.The Independent Police Investigations Directorate has a lot of work to do as many police brutality cases emerges.Two police officers were seen beating a white man who carried nothing that might have triggered the police to physically beat him.The white woman was heard screaming from behind the camera and calling for the police to let go of a man,the woman went on to ask the police what have the victim done to deserve such beating.The other guy who was filming the scenario with his cellphone was confronted and threatened by one police officer,the guy moved away as the police was coming towards him,but he never switched off his recorder.The police have the right to apply the minimum force to effect the arrest of the resistive suspect,they also have the right to assault if they have satisfied themselves than their safety is being compromised and their lives threatened,however,in this scenario,there was no need for the police to beat up that guy as he was already being put down and all the police had to do was to handcuff him and take him to the police station.The police have a lot to do instead of going around and beating people,south africa is not a police state and the citizens have the right to protection from the police.

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