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OPINION| Sandile Shezi Didn't Scam Anyone But People Gave Him Their Money

Forex trader Sandile Shezi became a millionaire at the age of 23, which allowed him to live a life of luxury. He was arrested for fraud on Wednesday when he handed himself over to police in Sandton, people will defend him and say because he is black, what what big had scam personally u wouldn't say that, if you were honest people were supposed to say why does he scam poor black people

But we all know that he will bounce back since he still young with more experience and understanding of life

"handed himself over to police"what's funny it's that the guy was once on UMPHAKATHI (talk show on Moja Love) I mean the guy was bragging about trading and even said some jealous nigga whom gave him money to trade and Shezi lost the money on trading, opened the case of fraud against him, Shezi said "We were once friends with the guy but after seeing my success in trading he got bitter and jealous of me, and today he's arrested for fraud

This guy never got tired of scamming he will be scamming prisoners and warders in prison, mark my words, this Boy can even scam Abraham once he goes to heaven. No one is after black successful entrepreneurs, these guys want to get rich quick and scamming the very same black people. There is a lot of rich black people and they have never been in jail. In this world its a crime to be rich no matter your race they will find something because only certain people are allowed to have money, if you think everything is about race you are stupid the true battle is among the rich and the poor

The most important point we seem to be missing is that these people have done a full investigation. So we all could defend or agree that he is a scammer, the point is it is very, very possible that he did what he is being accused. So let's not all assume/blame watch and learn

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