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SA Man Narrate How Shona Speaking Armed Robbers Stole his Wrist Watch, Shoes and Money in his House

The government of South Africa has an obligation to find a solution to the country's persistent problem with illegal immigration. The high rate of crime that we witness today can be directly attributed to the fact that a significant number of non-citizens have turned to criminal activity as the next available method of surviving.

This is a very severe problem that has to be solved as soon as possible in order to prevent additional harm to the lives and properties of law-abiding residents. The people of South Africa are put in the position of having to confront the violent immigrants that roam our streets on a daily basis, and very little or nothing has been done to improve the problem.

In the meantime, a man from South Africa has shared the heartbreaking story of his ordeal at the hands of armed thieves who spoke the Shona language. The individual who goes by the Twitter handle Frans Tlhole stated that he was working in front of his home in Pretoria West when he was approached by a group of armed robbers who are thought to be citizens of Zimbabwe.

Before fleeing in the vehicle, they robbed him of his wrist watch, his money, and his shoes and threatened to murder him if he alerted anyone to what had happened.

According to the precise comment made by Frans Tlhole on Twitter:

"I was attacked and robbed by Zimbabweans in Pretoria West, just one hundred meters away from the garage. They made off with the cash, the watch, and the shoes. They said that they would kill me if I sounded the alarm ".


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