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Mmusi Maimane feels like ChrisExcel and other Catfish accounts contribute to these suicides

ChrisExcel is trending on Twitter number one , of course as always for wrong reasons. People have been complaining about that Catfish account to be canceled as it abuses other people .

Mmusi Maimane coughs out and calls out ChrisExcel and want people to stop entertaining this account as it contributes to suicides.

" These Catfish and follow train anonymous accounts are contributing to suicides and all manner of toxic behavior on this app . it must end. They are cowards worse than Slik Talk , at least he was willing to show his face and face the consequences .

They pose a present threat to the mental well being of the nation . There must be some policy interventions we can take to @Twitter to deal with this specific problem as it manifest in the South African Twitter community . I will look into this matter with my team .We cannot continue have suicides because of mental abuse on this App . If there are any academics and researchers who have been looking into this phenomena already i would love to get in touch with you .That data and research would be valuable to policy making and recommendations.

This platform generates revenue from the engagements and interactions that occur here . They have an obligation to make those profits ethically and in a way that does not harm users . That means that they have a duty to remove the instigators of toxic and abusive behavior . " Says former President of DA Mmusi Maimane

Fans couldn't agree more , people think Chris Excel is actually an abuser . Fans shared their opinions regarding this matter .

" Those ones bully people everyday on this App and people hype them " @I_am_Fiks

"Be straight Chris got us ass kicked ... Say you one of those trying to recover after beaten on 7rounds of Text by Chris " @Lwaziiey

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